Thursday, January 15, 2015

Blogathon2015 #Day15 - Mummifying!

The title doesn't seem apt but because I cannot think of anything else, I'll let it be!
More than a year back I got married... I made a wedding site and was proud of the outcome. The instructions read that the site would be hosted for free and will be taken off in a month, but that didn't happen. I was thinking of saving the pages, so I could see them whenever it is taken down! And what better than my blog to treasure them! So here I am, mummifying the pages of my marriage site!

This is the first page.. The photo of one of our visits to CCD! Thank God for coffee!! If not, we wouldn't have been together :)
And thanks God for CCD!

And this page is about our journey from you , me to "we"
And these were the dates marked for our big day!
There was a page with the "Wedding Card" details!
And yet another page, where some of the nicest people left us some very nice comments! I'll let that page be and not mummify it....
Did you make a wedding site ?? Show me yours!!

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