Friday, May 18, 2012

25th Anniversary

It’s my family tradition to celebrate silver anniversaries. Therefore, when it was time for the first silver anniversary in our family, everybody was very excited. We shopped, cooked and had a merry time. The ladies in the house dressed in all their grandeur and all the gentleman with their scotch glasses - perfect family bonding time. My Dad and I, as the enthusiasts we are, were planning mum-dad’s anniversary before they had completed even 20 years of their beautiful relation. We had decided on a menu. I had made a futile request – that if I’d be earning we’d celebrate the D-day together, only four of us.. Little did I know that we’d really have to spend it alone.. Nonetheless, here’s a record of the events of the day ,I promised Dad I’d make it wonderful for mum(hope I did!!)
After a secret sneak in my house to hide the gifts in my roommate’s room, Mum, my brother and me had a silent dinner. Such are the difficult times that considering each other, you can neither smile nor cry (*sob*) .Everything was perfectly arranged.
12 on the clock and my brother and I were ready with those millions of plans we had in mind. We woke mum up, crowned her; after all, she was the queen. It was her day. The star of the night - the yummy black forest cake (from Pastry corner, Mum, Dad and my brother’s favorite) stood in all its pomp and show. After the cake cutting ceremony and my usual tantrums on not wasting the cake by applying on skin (It’s a sin to waste cake!)  started the ‘gifts ka silsila’ Instead of one huge gift, I like multiple gifts..
The man of the house, my brother gave mum a bouquet with 25 red roses. Mum loves roses. She was content with the roses and the cake, started wrapping up. Nevertheless, that was not even near the end. I had brought a card for mum and the “Best Brother” certificate for my brother. I love cards, so even if they do not they have to bear cards for me.I gifted them the Fab India kurtis I had promised myself some time back and got the expected “bear hug” from my brother. He loves clothes, so do I but hates shopping so I had just saved him some shopping time!
                We gifted mum a huge huggable Archies teddy bear. According to me, it is a must-have whatever age you are. Quietly and cutely, soft toys assimilate all our feelings, be it sorrow or joy. In addition, no issues of secrets being leaked.
                What followed next was the jewel in the crown literally, my biggest and most expensive gift until now to mum – a Cygnus diamond pendant. Time stood testimony to one of the most beautiful moments when mum wore it. Like every diamond lover, mum wore it with a childlike gist. Promised mum matching earrings and ring in the months to come.
                After the ‘gifts ka silsila’ was time for a big family hug. We all wanted to shred our tears but knew we couldn’t, cautious enough not to make the other two weep. So when mum went to change into her night suit, my cute little baby brother ( that’s what I call him, when I am not angry) and I hugged, enough for both of us to say those gentle prayers and send our wishes to Dad.
Happy anniversary Mum Dad. We love you. The only thought that is not leaving my mind is, Mum has brother and me, but Dad you must be all alone. Very sad to be away from family on such an occasion. Miss you Dad!!
P.S. -  Saw the date? It reads 12.5.2012.. Happy 25th anniversary J

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