Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The ride back home…

Come Tuesday and life starts becoming boring already. My status and mood changes to “Waiting for the weekend”  *sigh* So when, we decided to go out for dinner, I felt good.After a nice dinner was the “drop-me-home” time. And it was worth the ride.. “ye hai wagon-r ki sawaari” I wanted to shout out loud..
                With the windows down and the music player singing my favourites – breathless by Shankar Mahadevan, Atif’s all time hits,Boom boom boom para from Aisha and a lot more, I was completely relaxed. The soft breeze blew my hair all over my face forming a mosaic. The road wasn’t crowded. People I love to my company, lovely songs and the romantic atmosphere put me to an ease I cant explain. Dint want the ride to end.. Away from the hustle bustle, away from the dirty cheap politics, the fake smiles, the rude gestures, here I was in a world of my own.. Felt like humming the songs for once after such a long time.. Loved the ride, Thanks !!

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