Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Memories – The vanishing act

This follows the story of the lost stamp..
When mum scolded me and returned the cherry blossom stamp to bhaiya without asking me, I was way too angry. My anger takes away my hunger. So with nothing to do, my devil’s workshop started working. It was summer. We have these huge drums where in we store wheat. So after cleaning , washing and sun drying, the wheat is filled in the drums. One of the drums was empty, I entered into the drum and pulled the cover.
It was lunch time, mum started calling all kids. When she couldn’t find me with the rest of the gang, she looked for me in my room.. but did not find me. With the doors closed , she knew I wouldn’t be inside but where was the question!! I was too angry to either respond to mum or my cousins searching me or even come out from the drum. So finally, mum was afraid. It was time for Dad to come home for lunch. Dad blew the horn of his scooter ( he drove the classy Bajaj Chetak) in a particular pattern for us to know he has come home. That was it, as soon as I heard the horn, I came out.. Everybody was astonished..
Though I had a hard time then , but it was good to have Dad to the rescue and complain about mum :P My vanishing act!!

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