Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Happy Mother’s Day

To all those beautiful women out there.. happy mother’s day!!
You are by far God’s most beautiful and astonishing creation. Those nine months of pain and happiness , I salute all the MOTHERS.. Love you all.. Love you mum!!
Motherhood completes a lady..
Make your mother feel special if you are with her and if you are not then give her a call and wish her.. And if you read this post Mother’s day, don’t worry every day is a celebration , so wish your mum today and tell her how much you love her.. And that she is the most beautiful lady in your life !!
And this one is for my Mum,
Mum , I love you.. I miss you. Though at times we have our misunderstandings and fights, but I so much love you. Thanks for tolerating my mood swings and still being with me through out.. I adore your strength..
For being my friend, my guide, my “phone – a - friend” life saver always.. Love you.. Happy Mother’s day!!

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