Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My gold fishes and my parrots and my buffers and guppies ofcourse(how can I forget!!)

“Chocolate limejuice icecream toffeeyaan,
Pehle jaise ab mere shauk kahan,
Gudiya khilone meri saheliyaan,
Ab mujhe lagti hain saari paheliyaan!!”
                Sang Madhuri while getting ready to go visit her sister in Hum aapke hain kaun. She had a cute room with a glass bowl with 2 gold fishes. Each time I saw the song, I wanted to buy a bowl for myself. Looked like the standard “must-have” for any girl ( though I entirely disagree with the song , I’d still preder chocolates, limejuice , icecream, toffee and my dolls) So when I could finally , we bought home a small glass pond with a pair of gold fishes. They were cute.. very beautiful. I loved their fins and eyes and ofcourse their colour!! Next followed a session of giving them names. Felt at peace with myself looking at them, not to mention they allowed me to mentally check one of the items from my check-list
                After the fishes, followed small pebbles, plastic plants,entertainment stuff for my fishes and the pond was full.After their first summers with me, came the rains. One of the fishes suddenly died. I was sad.. By the time I decided to get a partner for my lonely fish, the other one died too *sob*
                Soon I got another pair of fishes as a gift. From the chiclet family, these hockey fishes were too fast. As comparied to the goldies who lazily swimmed in the pond, these fishes travelled with lightening speed. They grew at this speed too. So I had to finally upgrade my fishville to get a tank!!
With the bigger fish tank, came more fishes. Beautiful pineapple tailed fishes and kois and angel fishes. My tank was a medley of colours. But the hockey fishes, the seniors in the tank ragged the juniors killing all of them. Later I exchanged the hockeys with new goldies again. Oh! How much I loved them. They swayed and swimmed gracefully.
My friend’s maid mistakenly broke his fish pond, so my tank had a new visitor – another beautiful gold fish(I called her angel). She was exceptionally graceful and twice the size of my fishes. I loved seeing my tank. Brought matching orange sand to compliment my magnificent fishes. Soon I got a pair of buffer fishes to add colour to my pond. They were black with fluoroscent green spots and looked like micro-mini-whales. “Lazy bones” I called them. You’d be lucky if you saw them move.. And then I got a pair of guppies (Thanks to Government of Maharashtra hoardings which read – Guppies keep malaria away) And they gave birth to more guppies and then some more..
The rains next year saw more of my fishes dying. Angel was left alone once more, not that it affected her. Then one fine day luck favoured me, I had been to a nearby aquarium store and found two yellow parrot fishes. He was selling them real cheap. And so I bought them.Parrot fishes are real beautiful and active. But they tend to define their areas in the aquarium. I came to know this pretty late. After a couple of months they had already started troubling my angel. But she was a fighter too.. Soon my tank was a fighting ground..
My angel died after 2 years and the parrots died recently.. Don’t feel like buying any more fishes.Emotional attachment kills!!

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