Monday, May 14, 2012

Of anger and tears and poppins

I was in the 1st standard. Still remember the day when Rita Miss(my cute class teacher) was interrupted by the school peon and I was called outside the class. I was aghast.. did I do something wrong? When I finally stepped out, saw my mum.. Dressed in a beautiful pink Punjabi suit , her lips painted mud brown, her  maroon hair flowing gently against her fair skin (My mum looks beautiful, though now age seems to show its lines and wrinkles) She was the definition of the most perfect mum. I was so proud to see her, you know the kinds kid become happy when their beautiful mommy comes and meets them in front of all people and talks this sugary sweet words.
                So there stood mum. When I came out of the class, she rushed to me ,hugged me and filled my skirt pocket with poppins (I loved them and I still do!! Especially the orange flavor) She said sorry
My brother is just 2 years younger to me.With this huge joint family of mine, mum had a hard time cooking, dressing me up for school  and looking after my baby brother. So that morning , she had scolded me.. reason still unknown to me. And I had left for school in my rickshaw in tears. Mum couldn’t digest this and had come to school to meet me. Wow!!
Some memories just move you.. Love you mum!!

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