Friday, May 18, 2012

Of presumptions, assumptions and jumped to conclusions

How impatient can we be! Without knowing anything, we just assume, presume and conclude, not in the entire world bothering to know what the truth is, not giving a chance for people to clarify themselves.
                I told you I loved you and only you, but you had a mindset ready. With your calculations that already proved me guilty, all you could then do was to conclude that we were not supposed to be together. I know such tiffs happen. I know about trials and tribulations but doesn’t mean you can do whatever you wish whenever you wish.
                This happens so very often, with parents, friends, colleagues, partners. So people next time before you presume something, ask them. Before you assume stupid things in your mind, get them clarified and before you jump to those dumb and irrelevant conclusions, think if what you have concluded is really going to help you and your relationship with them. If it is not going to, time to step back – can’t risk a relationship of a lifetime for your mind games, can you?

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