My green apple soda

What tires me on post office evenings is not only the work but also the monotony. The same “get up early” mornings, get ready, to-office, same cube, same work.. Yuck (feels like gulping bitter gourd juice) *sigh* Monotony can kill!
Then comes to my rescue – Green apple soda @ CCD. A drink, I can drink any time of the day. It refreshes my senses – not only my taste buds but also my eyes. It is such a pleasure (and one of my favorite past times) to watch the green syrup mix quietly and silently with the water. Each time I stir the straw, the green syrup forms a ring in the water. Stir fast and looks like a whirlpool in the green soda glass. As the syrup mixes with the water and converts into a light green shade with that rich apple taste, I think of life and problems. Just like the syrup, we dissolve in our everyday lives leaving our mark. If we don’t leave a mark, then we defy the purpose of our very being
 As I sip my drink and slowly watch the ice cubes melt, it gives me immense happiness and refreshes me. All calm and in perfect harmony with myself, I look forward to the approaching dusk...


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