Friday, May 18, 2012

And another day

Clock strikes 6. I want to get up. The extra kilos and inches don’t really work well with me. Do not feel like looking at the mirror. Wear my tee and tracks and start my morning walk.. I enjoy every minute of my walk.. Those 30 minutes freshen me up like nothing else.. 30 minutes of uninterrupted me time, which also means I have 30 minutes of uninterrupted music to hear too. As I pass the Shiv temple with Taylor Swift singing “Our song” ,a smile comes to my face. The weather is awesome, the sun shining but still not very bright, the greenery, the songs - everything makes me happy. I make mind notes of what to wear to office, of what to blog (blah blah blah) about of what to cook for breakfast, of how will the extra kilos and inches melt down my body .Me, my playlist and my dreams make a killer combination.
Climbing down the stairs post office, I long for fresh air. When the air makes my hair sway and takes away all the tension and sufferings of office, feels like heaven. I reach home to find the door locked, mum on her walking spree with the keys. I enter inside when mum comes back and to my dismay we are entertaining guests tonight, not that I have a problem with them (ok now I am lying, yes I have a problem. This is supposed to be my ME TIME)
“Hi! How are you” (that’s all I care about in this world after a tiring Thursday office, right?)
“Cutie pie cousins”(Damn both of them, my cell phone is strictly PRIVATE PROPERTY, why is he supposed to play games with my HTC?? My toys belong to me, who is she to play with it. Yuck, she is eating and using the same hand to touch my toy *angry*)
“Let’s go out for dinner together”(Yes lets go out, I am not cooking tonight neither am I letting mum cook)

It’s not that I hate them, it’s just that I want to have my ME time now. It’s difficult to love anyone if you wake up at 6 am and come back by 8:30 pm and continue this for 5 big days…
Anyways.. Enough of the drama
Waiting for the weekend!!

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