Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I have always been skirmish to the sense of touch with pets.Born in a home where everybody loved pets , it was very difficult. As history goes, we had dogs and cats and fishes and rabbits and hens and birdies.. Dad loves them and I am afraid of them. I don’t know how it would be to touch a dog ( gives me goose bumps) and the thought of touching fishes , their slimy little bodies sounds night marish to me.. (more goose bumps!!)
                But then she came in my life. Don’t know if I should call her God’s gift or a brat, but none the less she changed my life, she changed me as a person. Still remember seeing 6 labrador puppies playing in a kennel and this cutiepie of mine , lazy as she was (till the time I brought her home) was yawning in a corner, not interested in the rest of them. Her highness dint bother to respond when we chuckled and called baby names to the puppies.When I finally saved money enough to buy a puppy, she was the only one available , rest were all sold. And then I bought her. I dint touch her. My friends wrapped her teeny weeny body in a scarf and we brought her home. And then I was pushed out of the home. Remember the goosebumps!! OMG !!

                I couldn’t step inside the home if she was the only one inside. Was in a huge dilemma whenever I stepped in cause she used to come running to me. And I use to run out of the house :P
But things changed, she loved me.. Followed me everywhere and anywhere I went.. My entry in the kitchen and she showered me with love, purring on my feet like a cat. Baby I know you are hungry always!! Like always..  Each time I got up she followed me. When I slept she rested herself on my feet and slept.. And then I fell in love with  her – Daffy.. my cute baby dog!!
                Bathing her was one long session, wrestling to keep her standing at a place.Her highness loved her green apple shampoo and post her bath and all the water spraying  till I towel – dried her she left peacefully. She loved here toys. Soon I found myself shopping for doggie stuff – toys, bones,dog biscuits, pedigree , eukanoba… even sugar free ice cream (especially vanilla)
                She had this innocence in her eyes, so after eating my flip flops or pulling the clothes down the cloth line, she’d give me that innocent look and I knew something was wrong.. She was a naughty brat, so much so that I feared if it would be a real life “Marley and me”. Taking her to the vet was a tiring affair.The very sight of the clinic and she used to become impatient. Today when I think about her, I miss her a lot. I miss seeing her when I open my room’s door and she doesn’t come running to me. I miss seeing her gladly finish her vanilla ice cream, licking each bit from the cup. I miss her innocense and her silently understanding my silence , tears and happiness. When sad and silent (which I usually am not) she used to come and sit close to me and that was it.. I  dint need any one else..
                Miss you daffy!!

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