Friday, May 18, 2012

How expectations hurt!

It was raining. Like any other girl, she wished he were with her. He was a busy man. No doubt, his big paycheck secured her a promising future. But what about the present? She so much wanted him to be with her, take her is his warm arms, sipping coffee or just get drenched in the rain. She called him. He was too busy to receive. After an hour her cell beeped, “Busy darling.TTYL”
Her mind knew the message, but her heart wanted it to be something else. She made herself the special coffee (which he adored and loved once upon a time), picked up her favorite novel and sat in the balcony, still wanting to be with him. He called her when he was done with his work. He was too tired to drive. He knew (and so did she) that she wouldn’t insist on meeting. So, in her little heart with the sunlight died this small expectation of hers to be with him.
An incomplete story, a very usual one too …
We have so many expectations. Thought we may sometimes decide we wouldn’t expect but in the end, we do start expecting. And just like babies expectations grow really fast. When a person like me starts expecting things but not expressing (coz I know they wouldn’t be met, not that I am presuming, assuming and concluding, I am talking experience) my heart becomes so crowded with these teeny weeny dreams that sometimes I look for a ctrl-alt-delete to my heart. And no I don’t want a delete button,coz that would still keep the things in my recycle bin. Sadly enough, God did not give us the option to permanently delete unwanted stuff from our ROM’s.
Anyways  however much I try, I can’t get rid of these

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