Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mirror mirror on the wall which is the dirtiest of them all LOLZ :P

Gone are the times when the magical mirror searched for the fairest face. Time for a change!!

          I could almost vomit when I entered the washroom @ Barista.. I mean you sell a cup of coffee at the cost of half kg coffee powder (though I entirely love the taste, so nothing bad about that), so why cant you keep the washroom's clean. I mean, such places are supposed to be clean right?

        And please, none of the other esteemed stores are behind. Be it McDonalds or CCD, the washrooms are aweful. So when you say that "A lot happens over coffee" and we people love spending so much of our time there, why not keep the washroom's clean? Why in a rat race for the magical mirror to select you as the dirtiest of the lot??

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