Thursday, May 10, 2012

When relations change..


   She din't know him. He had just seen her.There was nothing in common, nothing they knew about each other.But life has plans they had unplanned for.Starting with general hi's and hello's to small coffee conversations, things change.Friendship blossoms.And before they know, they become best friends.No unwept tears, coz they always had a shoulder to lean on.No surpressed smiles, coz they knew there would be eyes waiting to see them smile.And then starts the season of coffees and conversations over coffees !! Icecreams,brunches,movies follow. He and she are inseparable.. but till its friendship.Then the relation changes. Why did it have to change? And even though if it had to change for the good, why is it so difficult to share all what was so easy for them earlier. Why are tears shred alone, why are smiles so fake.. why is life so dull? Change is the way of life but why in a completely wrong sense.Why don't the differences between "him" and "her" spring up when they are getting involved emotionally? Why do they have to come when they decide to be together. Her life is hers and his life belongs to him.. They fear telling each other their little secrets, do things they don't want to but just for the sake of... why do relations have to change ? Can't they be just pure and innocent with no sad strings attached!!  Leaves me thinking!!
 Strange but true.. story of almost every "Him" and "Her"

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