Tuesday, May 22, 2012


As a kid, I was always fascinated by clean books and neat handwriting. Dad’s business books were all well maintained, nice with bullet points, underlines, bold fonts. Mom’s handwriting was enough for her to pass in any exam without the contents even being read. So when I got my books, I wanted them to be as good as Dad’s and Mum’s. But with the elephants and horses I have for my handwriting and the slow hand, I usually ended up scribbling in my notebooks. Mum was astonished to see various font sizes, styles and decoration on a single page. When I crossed all extremes and wrote illegible stuff, I was allowed to tear that page and re-write and this time it turned out to be beautiful.
                Hope it was in the same fashion for life. Tear the unwanted, dirty, sorrowful pages and write beautiful and happy memories on them. But alas!!

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