Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Yet another evening!!

May 21
6:30 pm : The urge to get up from office increases by leaps and bounds. The incomplete work mocks me. I force myself some more. The time runs fast.
6:45 pm : Enough of work , I tell myself. Ctrl+Alt+Delete. BBye work!! Cya tomorrow.
                Have been dying for a cuppa coffee since morning. Barista coupons from free recharge, so hello barista, bbye to good old friends CCD for today. Walk and walk, traffic, pollution, I curse the one way, can’t take an auto. Barista brings a smile. Hot cappuccino with 1 and ½ pouch of brown sugar – just right!! And how can I forget the music player singing all time classics. Relieved senses, happy me J
Time to leave. I pray, God send me a rick soon please. Ok, I get one. Thank you God.45 minutes and I am still on my way. Hate the traffic. As if he heard my mind talk, the auto driver nearly misses a Scorpio and almost bumps into an active as he tries to speed up. I cover my face with my hands. What if I die here in this auto I think. Time to write my will (not that I have anything precious to give away: P) Imagination runs wild just to stop at me bewildered of the thought of dying in this ok-ok top. Nope, I rule out , cant die in this top. The “Rajnikant” driver (Yes!! Of late this is my favorite adjective) takes sharp twists and turns pushing me out of my will and 100 things I wanna do before I die thoughts. And I am home... Wow home sweet home...
Perfect end to a not-so-perfect evening J

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