Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My powerpuff gals!!

McDonalds always wooed me. Born and brought up in a small town, all I knew was that it sold burgers with awesomely symmetrical french fries with free toys. So when my elder cousins shifted to Pune, they knew how to tickle my temptation buds!! And so they did.. I wanted to come to Pune for McDonalds and pizza hut and sizzlers..
When I finally started doing my engineering from Pune, Mcdonalds was the ‘by default’ choice. Who else sold yummy, tummy filling snacks at 20 bucks. A toy lover from childhood, I always wanted the “happy meals”. Apt name , it always made me happy. So , my fortnight visits to Mcd’s were reduced to once in two months so I could get the happy meal instead of the value 20 bucks snacks.
Among a host of other toys, I have a pair of powerpuff gals – Bubbles and Buttercup. Couldn’t get Blossoms though *sad* . Anyways so my powerpuff gal toys who are made of sugar,spice and everything nice.. are my cube decorations.

Bubbles in the cute bubbly blue coloured doll who has this pleasant smile and Buttercup is all spicy, giving that stern look telling you to “Mind your own business”. So when I am in a good mood, Bubbles hangs nicely and happily in my cube, smiling at me and all the visitors. She looks cute. But when its Buttercup’s turn to be my cube decoration, peoply beware.. She does the talking for me and if you are the reason for her to be there, then God bless you!!
Perfect mood indicators for me!!

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  1. So when some one enter into your cubic need to check is it "Bubbles" or "Buttercup".. well I always seen bubbles.... hope bubbles will nt convert into buttercup for me.... :-)


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