Monday, May 14, 2012


Down the memory lane...

Cindy is the cutest of my friends. I don’t speak a word and she understands, I cry and she gives me that understanding look, I am happy and she smiles with me.. Once upon a time we were of the same height, I dressed her up in the best of my clothes. But now times have changed, she is the same she was; but I have grown up.. She still stands beautiful in her green vest, pink jacket , black denims and white ballerinas, her golden hair fluttering with the wind, the butterfly brooch which I had gifted her on her birthday still stays on her jacket, her perfume still reminds me of my days with her..
                My brother and I were always fond of buying toys from “sales”. There were a huge variety to choose from . So once when mum had gone to meet her mum, Dad took us to this sale(Wrong decision!! He must have thought later) and as usual after around an hour of rigorous search, my brother and I selected out toys. I chose a cute Barbie doll(which read “Barbee” :P) and brother chose a gun. Dad tried his level best to convince us not to buy this cheap stuff and as the good daughter and role model for my younger brother I relented. But my brother couldn’t be convinced. So, we bought him this gun which broke that very evening. For being a good girl , Dad promised to get me a better gift.
                We usually celebrated birthdays at 12 night. That night Dad came home real late. I was very angry, why come late on my birthday? So I refused when mum came to wake me up for cutting the cake. The next morning when I was getting ready to go to school, Dad was up already(very unusual for his routine of waking up at 10:00 otherwise) He wished me and gave me my gift. It was a gift box my size, literally. I opened it trying not to tear the wrapping paper.. and there she was Cindy.. the most beautiful doll I’d ever seen.. Dad stood true to his promise..
                The best birthday gift I can ever get..
Thank you Dad.. meant a lot to me.. still means a lot to me J Love you Dad, Love you Cindy!!

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