Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Generation gap!

Mrs. Mommy was fuming when I reached home post a tiring weekday at office. Back from her evening walk, her otherwise cool temper was lost. I knew there was little I could do and so started thinking if I was the culprit behind it. Thankfully, I wasn’t…
And so she started, how can girls smoke, school girls who you’d expect playing badminton and cycling with their candies are smoking. I told mum, there was nothing unusual about this. It was a common thing in this wide world. Not that I approved of it, not that my approval  mattered. The teacher inside her spoke that kids need to be regulated. The discussion started from smoking and moved on to drinking and then PDA. I tried calming her down giving the art-of-the-fact reasons like people consider drinking and smoking as style statements etc. I was quiet when we spoke PDA coz according to me, it is a person’s personal choice. Nothing I said made sense to Mrs.Mommy.So she ruled it out as “Generation gap”
                As I went inside for my much-awaited shower, I thought to myself. If this really generation gap. I knew the answer was a big NO, as in these aspects I was one with mum, with the slight difference that I saw and moved on. Mum saw and wanted to change it.I do not really understand why people drink and smoke if they know the disadvantaged. Guys!! Gals hate smokers and gals, guys love going out with such gals (I am still affirmative that it’s a person’s choice to drink or smoke) but don’t wanna spend a life time with them. Worst of all, these things render our body useless. Your choice to make anyways...
Generation gap… so be it

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