Friday, May 18, 2012

Of Puma’s and poop pickers…

You wear stylish puma shorts with equally high priced shirts and with pride take your dear dog to a morning walk. Shooing the other street dogs on the way , you enjoy your stroll. The sweeper is cleaning the road, the dust raising from the broom is allergic to your nose and for your lovely pet (I love pets, the sarcasm is intended towards you and not your dog)
You give me a glad smile with a big good morning wish; we’ve been seeing each other regularly during our morning walks. Then just in middle of nowhere (or wait in the middle of the wide clean street) you let your dog poop. You are still smiling at me until the poor pet finishes the ordeal, trying to strike a conversation. Another vain try and then you move with pride back home. The task for the day is done and the poop lies right in the center of the road.
I decipher your looks, you look educated. Maybe like one of us IT professional, looking for an onsite opportunity, thinking of the appraisal, blabbering about India not being clean, blah blah blah..Then why is it so difficult for an educated person like you to understand that you dog is not supposed to poop there on the road. People like us use these roads every day. Why can’t you get a poop picker and just clean the shit? Your pet doesn’t have hands neither can it go to the loo on its own, so why not use your senses to keep the road clean? Is the road supposed to be used for this purpose? Hate such educated illiterates *sigh*

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