Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Memories – The story of the lost stamp

Summer holidays, we really dint have much to do. Dad had this huge stamp and coin collection. So did my elder cousin. So when he started exchanging his repetitive coins and stamps for new ones from his friends, I wanted to follow suit. I took Dad’s collection, arranging the stamps into a photo album and coins into my pouch and went to bhaiya  to flaunt my skills at the barter system. I asked him if he could exchange some of his repetitive coins and stamps with my repetitive ones, so we could have distinct ones in our collection. Bhaiya agreed. There was this particular stamp, square shaped with cherry blossoms which I loved.   Bhaiya also had it.After our barter exchange, I came back happy seeing the new additions. In some time bhaiya also came, he asked me for the cherry blossom stamp. I clarified that it was mine. But he refused.
                We approached mum. As usual,  mum busy with her chores scolded me and handed the stamp to bhaiya. I was baffled, insulted and very angry. She dint even let me prove myself innocent. Why would I take it from him if I already had it.. but mum was too busy.. Later that day bhaiya came and returned one of the stamps, said he found  his back.. I went and returned it to mum.. and left her speechless…

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